Thursday, May 25th, 2017

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You messed with the wrong witch

Some soapy water isn’t gonna do the trick

You murdered and you stole and you lied

You thought you could tear me down, Wiz you tried

Put me through torment, fear and pain

Guess that a scarecrow’s not the only one without a brain

I’ve got a secret I really think you oughta know because

I’m not the only witch in OZ

Yeah, you messed with the wrong witch

Tried to off me with an innocent

But she knows now that all your words are lies

Sure as she’s seen monkeys fly

I told her my side of the story, but a little less gory

And you should never hurt a Friend of Dorothy

We’ve got a secret we want to share with the man behind the curtain

We are stronger together that’s certain

Pretty sure you messed with the wrong witch

And now things are gonna switch

Get in your balloon, I have a twister waiting for you

Dorothy’s staying on the ground, she knows what to do

Go back home write a book where I’m Wicked to the core

Try to forget what here in Oz you’ll be remembered for

Got a message for when you land in Kansas with a crazy story

Never mess with a Friend of Dorothy

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