Pan-- 2nd Draft

Monday, June 26th, 2017 05:34 pm
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This is an edited version of this poem. Much thanks to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for the con-crit that improved it!


Pan is for Panic

When nobody knows

How to pin you down

And so they trip over

Themselves instead.

Pan is for Pantheon

The long long list of

Virtues and vices

Deified into orderly lists

Of things you might want

Given human forms

Shapely and graceful

Male and female

And those that defy name.

Pan is for Pandemonium

Chaos’s favored child

The heart and soul of a storm

Riotous rout, a tumultuous

Outpouring of songs

Everywhere and all at once

Things they overlooked are

Now growing strong and

They are outnumbered

Reaching for answers

The cowed majority

Demonize and scorn

The open heart of you

Pan is for Pan

The great goat-horned god

Wildling of wild woods

Companion of nymph and satyr

Sexual being unbound

By restriction of rule of law

A rustic ruler of his own

Nature and nurture.

Battle blooded with gods

Child of trickster Hermes,

Fearsome to small minds

His greatest trick echoes

Across the sea at Paxi

Pan has never yet died,

He lives in the hearts of

His many soul-kin, lovers

Who seek where they find.

Pan is for All

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