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Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 06:56 pm
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Long personal story that has noting to do with writing under the cut.

It started normally enough, wake up at Life-Partner’s place because after staying up til 2 am watching Leverage (he had never seen it, I had to make him watch the first three when I learned this at 11:15, we stopped before Miracle Job because it would be hard to understand that tired) I didn’t want to make him drive me home.  I got to sorta sleep in, because it was Saturday and Life-Partner is cool like that.  I did a little bit of writing on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, wrote some meta, checked my Habitica account, etc.  Normal shit.

Then we went to our favorite game place, Pawn and Pint.  It’s a game shop with a 1k+game library that you can play any of all day for $5, and they are putting in a bar.  It’s super cool.  We love it.  So we played some Smash Up (I was Time Princesses, he was Kittenthulu, the new peeps we met played Fairy Vamps and Outsider Bots.  Outsider Bots won because the Locals card is fucking epic.) I got competitive feeling and that’s not good so I reset with some co-op gaming (Sentinals of the Multiverse, it’s a very good game) and we went to the Mexican place down the street for dinner, second time we’d been there, both during rushes, we get the same waitress, and not only does she know us, she has our drink orders mostly memorized, which is impressive, mine is super specific on ice quantity.  The food was fantastic, like, suspiciously so.  I think they may have a secret portal to a back alley in Guadalajara where they get their tacos.

We go back to P+P and the owner, Ed, asks us to help him end-run his business partner, who doesn’t want to buy Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.  We buy it, and immediately donate it to the store’s collection, which earns us both two-month memberships (that’s a $160 value for ~$35).  We gather up a collection of random peeps (everyone there is cool) and play murder mysteries.  (We suck, twice we caught the murderer, but the murderer’s accomplice named the Witness and the Murderer won, once, nobody could name the Murderer.  The streets of Hong Kong are significantly less safe with us protecting them.)

So far, all the crazy has been good, stuff aligning to be awesome.  I should have seen the pendulum coming back down, but I didn’t.  Enter The Drunk.  The Drunk was a tall, slender individual, who happened to be black and seemingly very invested in a ‘gangsta’ persona, in addition to being drunk and possibly influenced by something else.  He appeared to be hallucinating and was being very aggressive with Ed (Ed, if you’ll recall, is the owner.)  I took a quick pic with my phone, because frankly The Drunk was threatening to kill people, I want that shit recorded and I want him knowing it’s being recorded.  He was too drunk to really notice the store cameras, or to care.  Then he threatened Ed and was invading his space enough that Ed was backing up toward a wall and I didn’t want to know what happened next, so I called 911 while Ed tried to talk the guy down.  I was reporting it as de-escalating when suddenly, The Drunk straight up fucking punches Ed!

Shit was breaking loose, Outsider Bot guy was out of his seat prepping to assist in a bum’s rush, I was panicking, the dispatcher needed to know what was happening, so I hand the phone to Life-Partner and hit the back of the store to break down where I won’t make shit worse.

When I’m sane again, The Drunk has left, Ed is fine, apparently The Drunk can’t punch for shit, and everyone is super shook.  It was past the official close, but we were waiting for the cops so we could make a report.  Life-Partner and I have a lovely chat about how our relationship works with two gals we had played Deception with, wherein the concept of pinnate polyamory and queerplatonic love and all that shit blows their minds.  

And hour later, we are still waiting for the cops.  Ten cop cars have driven past and none have stopped at Pawn and Pint.  Ed calls the non-emergency number and asks if we can go home.  They say they got the address wrong and sent someone to 201, not 221, but we can all go home unless Ed is going to press assault charges.  Ed doesn’t want to because The Drunk punches like a bitch and could not have been less of a lasting problem.


And that is how I ended up not getting back to Life-Partner’s house until 4:45 am.

Date: 2017-07-07 02:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] technoshaman

I don't like the sound of that dispatch mistake...

Y'all be careful, mmmkay? Good for you for punching out of the situation...

Date: 2017-07-07 03:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] technoshaman
*nods* sounds like you've got Good People in the store proper... I'm just remembering Misery as the place where all this police abuse business re-surfaced not too long ago, and now that it's happened in SEATTLE of all places, I'm kinda jumpy as hell when I hear of things gang aft agley...

Glad you're in one piece physically and seemingly not too much the worse for wear between the ears...

Date: 2017-07-07 03:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] technoshaman
*noddles* good. That sucks about Dispatch, though.

I wonder. I know a lovely lady who has worked herself up to Supervisor of Dispatchers... (six kinds of awesome, her)... she might have some tips for getting their attention...

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