The New Hypatia

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 11:47 pm
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It is easy to say "We have not learned."
It is easy to point to Ignorance
Portrayed as Faith,
Opinion held equal with Fact,
And say "See Alexandria still burn."

It is easy to rail and blame.
It is easy to call out human frailty,
And the weakness of our memory,
Our repeated mistakes,
And say "This is all the same."

But be not disingenuous of mind.
Do not fall for simplistic Despair
Masked as Wisdom,
Or you do what you despise
In the doubting of our kind.

Hypatia did not die in vain!
Her spirit rose like a phoenix
On the wings of words
Her life had been devoted to,
Lighting the dark with flame

Even now, our libraries burn
With the thousand life-bright soul-fires
Of each moment, each movement.
Nestling knowledge in heaven's fire,
Hidden archives await their turn

So say not that we have not grown.
Say not that human hearts will fail
To the madness of illiterate fools.
For we have always guarded,
And guided, and learned, and known.

I say "Let the new Hypatia prove!
Let her stride forth on the digital field,
And wield a staff-lever of memory.
Give her a fulcrum and a place to stand...

For she has a world to move."

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