Trick or Treat

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 05:18 pm
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 Prompted by [personal profile] elaiel for my "doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles" square of Origfic Bingo


“Trick or treat!”

“Hola my little boys and ghouls,” Zita said, smiling warmly through the skeleton paint on her lips.  “What have we here?  A scary vampiro, a pretty princesa, a strong vaquera, and… a stormcloud?”

“I’m Darkmatter!” piped the child from his mass of black and grey painted craft batting.  “I’m going to rule the world!”

“I’m sure you will,” Zita said, stifling a laugh.  “Just be sure to keep an eye on Lord Vlad here, you wouldn’t want to have to fight him, right?”

Vlad was a foot and a half taller and mostly looking bored.  “I’m already slated for minion duty,” he said.

“Well, that’s how it goes sometimes,” Zita agreed and scooped a serving of candy into his bag.  The princess and the cowgirl each got a scoop as well.  Then Zita pulled out a felt bag with a giant dollar sign on it.  “Would the villain prefer the lootbag?”

“Wow!  That’s a great prop!” said the mini-villain as he took the loot bag full of dried banana coins and fruit jerky cash.  “Where’d you get that?”

“From me,” Dacia rumbled in her Nimbus-shifted voice.  Zita let her smile split wide and eerie as her girlfriend wrapped strong arms encased in slick shadows around her waist in a hug that would seem to swallow her whole.  “Muahahahaha!”

The kids shrieked and ran away, and Zita felt Dacia kiss her cheek as she pulled the door shut behind the departing trick or treaters.

“Thank you for staying in with me on Amateur Night, Honey.”

“Of course, Babe,” Zita said, turning to hug her back as Nimbus dropped to cat form beside them.  “There are lots of heroes out there to keep the slip-ups in line, but I only have one girlfriend.  It’s not a hardship to keep you company if you aren’t comfortable going out.  Besides, I love Halloween and you come with special effects!  Nimbus is much more comfortable to hug than painted batting.”

“Oh you think this is funny now,” Dacia snarked.  “But just wait until a little Quest doppelganger comes along.”

“I’d be flattered,” Zita said firmly.

“You weren’t the one who got shot with glitter water,” Dacia said, pulling a face.  “It was horrible.  It took months to get it all out of the lair.”

The doorbell rang again.  Dacia and Nimbus stepped back to one side.

“Trick or treat!”


Zita's skeleton makeup looks like this:

Day Of The Dead, Colorful, Make Up, Mexico, Tradition

(Photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay)

Dacia-as-Darkmatter looks like this:

People, Shadow, Dark, Night, Smoke, Black And White

(Photo credit: StockSnap on Pixabay)

Pics for Super Queers

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 01:17 pm
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There's a tendency of mine to find picture of interesting people and build them into characters, so for your viewing pleasure on this day Wherein I Cannot Word, I've compiled the ones I like best from Super Queers


Dacia taking a moment’s breather from free-running to keep up her strength and flexibility.  Nimbus can only give her so much help, you know!  

She does train in heels, mainly because she, like Zita, wants to be taller in her super-ego, in her case less to break the connections and more to add to the gender-unsure nature of Darkmatter.  As Dacia, she’s 5’7” in stompy boots, as Darkmatter, she’s 6’2” thanks to sturdy heels and Nimbus messing with reality depth to skew her visual aspect ratio.

(Actual photo credit: Adina Voicu on Pixabay)


Quest, posing for a magazine cover in repayment for Jean Paul covering for her date night with Dacia in the press.  She does the annoying PR stuff to bank goodwill with him.  

Everything from neck to wrists/ankles is actually a skin-tight haptic relay suit, the denser white on the torso and legs is bulletproof and padded.  Her sneakers have lifts, Zita is a good 3 inches shorter than Quest, but Quest’s fame for wearing sneakers dispels any “wears heels” rumors.

(Actual photo credit: xusenru on Pixabay)

Baba Osinova.jpg

Baba Osinova at a New Years Party hosted by Grigor and Henrietta, after both have come out to the rest of the family as a couple, but before the rest of the Osinov family knows what Henrietta’s “extra curricular activities” are.

(Actual photo credit: storygems on Pixabay)

Henrietta Beck (aka Jetta Stream), posing in the faux-fur winter accessories Grigor got her on their second Christmas together.

(Actual photo credit: Jill111 on Pixabay )


Chicane working out on leg day in the lair. Photo taken by Calamity Johnson, kept as a reminder that women can be built like brick shit-houses, so her choice to ID on the Femme side of life and still love the added muscle mass of her puberty is A-Okay.

(Actual photo credit: Pexels on Pixabay)

Dark Matters

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 05:51 pm
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Dacia rolled her fingers across the smooth lines of her tool kit and sighed.  She had liked being a supervillain well enough in the beginning.  It had enough risk to keep her feeling alive without her mind wandering back to habits better left alone.  It didn’t hurt that her nemesis was super cute, either.  Sometimes Dacia would drop totally harmless glitter bombs just to watch Quest lunge for them, because the technologically-inclined superhera’s haptic controls did great things for her ass when she dived.

Now though, with all the changes to her life, with the time she almost really died and Quest saved her, and the time she called to confirm a robot battle and wound up spending five hours talking to her nemesis instead of trying to level Downtown with a fifty foot robot, well… Dacia didn’t feel much like supervillainy anymore.

Which wasn’t to say she felt heroic, not at all.

She just didn’t feel like anything.

She felt sad, and lonely.  She wanted to rage and terrorize, and force the darkness in her mind onto the physical plane so that everyone could see it.  But she didn’t want to at the same time.  Or she did want to but didn’t have energy.  It was all just a bit too confusing, and even Nimbus, the dark shadow that protected her was drifting gloomily towards a corner.  Sighing, she flicked the little jingle bell that hung from a repurposed Christmas ornament where she’d framed Quest’s contact info.  The superhera had said to call if things got really bad.  Of course, it was so much effort to pick up the phone.

Doooo iiiiiiit, Nimbus hissed at her.

“Aren’t you supposed to encourage my evil ways?” Dacia asked.  “Befriending a hero never makes a villain more evil.  And unless you forget, she’s my type, too.  Tall, sexy, cute, and straight.”

You’ll never get any villainy done while you’re mopeing, Nimbus snapped.  She’s good for you, and I get better mileage on you when you’re not busy dragging back on me.  I did agree in the compact to help you manage the depression.

“Fair enough.”  Dacia snagged the ornament and her phone.  

“Hello?” the superhera answered.

“Well, well, well, Quest,” she began, before parsing the sound of the word.  “Holy crap, you sound terrible, what happened?”

“Lab explosion, I caught a lungful of dust,” Quest explained.  “Can we reschedule whatever game you wanted to play?  I can try to make it, but I’m just not up to any of the big things I know you like.”

“You stay put,” Dacia said firmly.  “You are in no shape to so much as chase a mugger.  I’m not letting my favorite toys get broken because I don’t pay attention to squeaky wheels.”

She didn’t really mean it like that, but appearances must be kept.

“Thanks, Dac,” Quest sighed.  “I’m going back to bed then.  Please don’t let anyone level the city?”

“I’m not a superhera,” Dacia spluttered.

“Of course not, I’m not worried about villains, you’re the biggest name and you keep the rest in check with your example.  I’m worried about the damn city council.  They keep bugging me about being a sponsored hera and doing official city events.  I can barely do the recap conferences.”

“People suck sometimes,” Dacia said, nodding.

“Sooth,” Quest said into a yawn.  Dacia waited a moment before realizing the hera had fallen asleep on the line.  She hung up and snapped at Nimbus.

“Come on, we have crime to do,” she said.

I thought you told her you weren’t going to plot today, Nimbus said warily.  For a dark shadow, Nimbus cared a great deal about promises.

“I’m not, I’m going to commit an impulse crime and steal chicken and dumpling soup and that rosewater gelato she likes.  Then, I will break into her home, and hold her hostage, maybe tie her up with blankets, and make her watch Legend Dusters with me.”

Well, Nimbus sighed, flowing into place.  That’s different.


It's worth noting that this takes place before Dacia and Quest become girlfriends.  At this juncture, Dacia doesn't even know Quest's non-hera name.  Quest knows hers because for one, it's a lot safer that direction because Quest isn't given to blackmail or hostages, and two, Nimbus likes her and has partial say in what happens when Dacia is Darkmatter.

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