Monday, August 7th, 2017

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 Okay, so after much finagling of numbers, here's the buy it now price list!  Everything is much cheaper than it ordinarily would be in crowdfunding, due to this not being how I originally said I'd publish (i.e. this is crowdfunded, not individual buy) and I want to be fair.

Bi Bi Birdy- A farce of two bi girls and a Winter Screw Dance.  Also, lots of puns.  855 words.  Buy It Now- $9

Gal Pals-  Lesbian erotic poem.  NSFW.  22 lines.  Buy It Now- $6

The Poly Alphabet- A poem about a polycule using an alphabet structure.  Safe For Work.  18 lines.  Buy It Now- $5

Changing Unchanging- A Poem about the reclaimation of the word Queer.  58 lines.  Buy It Now- $15  Purchased and Posted!

Saving a Unicorn- A Unicorn hunter gets more than he bargained for.  577 words.  Buy It Now- $6

Traced Lines- Martin and Kyle from Kasperov discuss family.  445 words.  Buy It Now- $5

Love Like- A poem of Demisexual and Demiromantic love.  33 lines.  Buy It Now- $8

Elegy To The Unnamed Civilian- A poem in memory of those lost.  43 lines.  Buy It Now- $11

You can buy these through my Pay Pal with a note of which you're buying.  If there's no note, I will add it to the next-nearest amount and update the Buy It Now price.  Everything here is over $5, if you wish to leave a smaller amount let me know what it's going towards anyway and I'll keep the log of these current on this post.  Remember that the "Purchase" option on Pay Pal involves a small fee from what you send, so it's a touch more effective to use the donate/give option, although I'm not a super stickler about only doing donation.  If you choose to send by payment instead, I'll grab the extra I need from my "Tip Jar" fund on Ko-Fi to finish off coin-level amounts unless I'm out of that.

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