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 It's baaack!  And this time the theme is Moving the Body.  Feel free to prompt me here or to pop over to the Jam Page to prompt there for lots of awesome authors.  I'll be writing like mad all day Sunday on various prompts and posting the titles of what I've finished here with prices.  At the close of the day (and after posting anything sponsored) I'll put up a poll for a freebie from my finished work.

What I Have Written:
Real Friends Help You Hide The Bodies-- A character introspective poem in the Calamity Johnson, Supervillainess line of Super-Queers.  Calamity reflects on the ways her friends help her hide the bodies.  15 lines.  Buy It Now: $5  POSTED

A Break(dance) For Freedom-- A freestanding poem about capoeira forming from different groups of people under Brazilian slave-ownership, using dancing and fighting to rebel.  33 lines.  Buy It Now: $8.50

I Come Dressed To Dig-- A short story in the Darkmatter line of Super-Queers.  Dacia asks a friend to help her with gardening, and her relationship with Quest is discovered and discussed.  Buy It Now: $28

From My Prompts:

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 I'll be doing the Crowdfunding Creative Jam this time around, and the theme is Black Swans.  I'll be taking any prompts you want to toss my way, as well as filling some that are posted on the comments of the Crowdfunding Creative Jam's main thread.  All prompters I fill for get a free private copy of what comes of the prompt, and I'll post a list with prices here.  Remember you can toss a few dollars out of the price towards something and I'll keep the post updated to the amount funded, so everyone can see how much is left to finish funding.

What I've Written:
Black Swan's Tale- Sometimes, the black swan isn't an ill omen, and sometimes sorcerers get what they want.  Retelling Swan Lake from Odile the Black Swan's perspective.  BUY IT NOW: $5.25

From My Prompts

Bingo Updates

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 01:50 pm
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 Well, we're getting quite close to the end of the month, so lets's review the bingo status!

Cotton Candy Bingo- the bingo card is almost to a perfect checkerboard bingo, just missing "Seeking/Finding Love" and "Meeting in a Treehouse"

Works for Cotton Candy Bingo are:New Nights is in the Calamity Johnson and Chicane line of SuperQueers, and is available for purchase at $13

Origfic Bingo- the bingo card is close to a one-line bingo down the middle, just missing "doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles"

Works for Origfic Bingo are:If you'd like to prompt something for "Seeking/Finding Love", "Meeting in a Treehouse", or  "doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles", please let me know!  

Cottoncandy Bingo

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 12:59 pm
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Doing another bingo card, this time putting all successes on the interwebs first off as publishing the zine turned MUCH harder than expected for the last bingo.

As with last time, I'll make the prompts red that I've covered but will do again if requested, and strikethrough the ones that I'm done with for now.  Feel free to come bug me for a specific thing.

PoetryAnnoyedCooking with LoveCookingGifts
SharingNight outStomachInternet / Social MediaSnow Angels
Sad / UpsetFirst meetingIntimateWooingWearing pajamas all day
Meet CuteSeeking / Finding loveParenthoodWaterTrue love / Soulmate
EarsPeaceMeeting in a TreehouseBeachA Locked Trunk

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