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Friday, August 4th, 2017 05:16 pm
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 So my local Maker Space had to move (noise and smell complaints from neighbors, lack of parking, it needed to happen) and their new space is AMAZING.

For starters, the parking space is huge.  The space is on something like 3 acres of land, I think.  There's an open parking area and one that's got a lockable fence, so those of us who need to leave large projects in the lot overnight don't need to worry about random theft anymore, so score!

The building itself has a large, well-vented garage and two forges, one charcoal and one gas (I'm planning a project to build a smaller, separate forge for greensmithing to avoid pennying the bigger forges).  Then inside a little ways is a fabrication room with loads of space for messy projects and a giant laser cutter for big projects.

Up the stairs is a set of clean, well lit rooms for indoor projects, including a designated sewing lab, a kids-space, and an electronics room.  There's also a big central room with tables and stools for communal knowledge-shares and group work.  I cannot stress how amazing it is to have a big CLEAN space for crafting in a maker space.  We're not always going to be doing things with grease and Spackle and fire and metal.  I mean, we will often, but sometimes we'll be doing things that need some delicacy and it's good to have a place with no half-tacky stains of dubious origin to work around.

Then, in the basement is the store.  It's a treasure trove of all those things you'll need a few of eventually, but who wants to run to the hardware shop to buy a box of nails you'll only use two of?  It's big, well-lit, and when we went there, had kids with pet rats hanging out and I got to hold them.  Rats are adorable and I love them.

Maker spaces are amazing and important and if you can support one near you, I recommend it.

My Lumps, My Lumps

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 02:35 pm
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 My intensely frustrating lady lumps.  If you're not freaked by discussions of female health and want to know why I'm doing this, I've put the details in the black-out, just highlight to read it.

So I have PCOS, or Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Basically ovary zits, for the lay-person.  It's very painful and it decided to flair up again recently, so today is going to be spent laying down doing absolutely the minimum of things that use any muscle in my entire torso.  Fun times, NOT.

This however swings a bit of an upside, as I'll be tied to my laptop today for my own sanity and can't wander away from it.  As a result, I'm updating the ever-loving schist out of my various blogs and sites and if you'd like to see a feature, like a launch page, or a word-count accountability tracker or something, just let me know.  I'm also done editing my Queer Writing Zine for this last June, but I can't get to the printer today (Grrr).  I'll put up a separate post for that in a little bit.

As always, prompts feed the muse even if I don't get to it right away.  Let me know what you want!

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